It’s All About Relationship

It’s All About Relationship


Relationships Can Break Your World Apart or Glue it Together

Have you noticed when your marriage relationship is humming, your business relationships are filled with harmony?

It works the other way around too. Life is all about your relationships. Not only with the people in your life but with God and with yourself.

Better Relationships all Start with Self-Awareness

Your mental and emotional health starts with your relationship with yourself, which affects how you relate to the people around you. Your spiritual life is about your relationship to God and to His Spirit within you.

Self-awareness is being aware of your inner world of thoughts, emotional reactions and physical reactions. Learning to listen first and then to understand yourself helps you to live in your space of grace. It’s communication with yourself.

Communication In Its Many Forms is How We Relate

The study of communication is fascinating. You have the physical methods through visual, auditory and kinesthetic senses and all our modern devices that keep us connected. There is communication in the spiritual realm and we are learning to communicate with our subconscious minds, our thoughts and our bodies.

Just like a smile, when you give away love, joy and peace it’s reflected back to you. We use this for of mirroring without thinking but it’s still about communicating and relating.

Are You Caught In A Negative Spiral Of Relationship?

Negativity is a trap that's hard to get free of
Trapped in our negative communication and relationships

Negative emotions like anxiety, overwhelm, procrastination and perfectionism may lead to depression, addiction or worse. You can easily slip into a cycle that is hard to break.

People will reflect your negativity back to you without even realizing what they are doing. Your relationship with God suffers as your faith sputters. Your spouse can’t make you happy so he gives up and pulls away. Business colleagues and clients begin to disappear.

All the negative reactions to you will reinforce your negative feelings and thoughts and the downward spiral continues.

How Do You Break Your Negative Relationship With Yourself?

You may know when the negative thoughts started. When I went through a divorce after 21 years of marriage, I certainly knew why I was so hurt and angry with God, the world, “him” and myself.

There are other times when a nagging fear or a depression controls you and you know it’s irrational. How do you overcome these critics constantly communicating to you in your head? After you’ve eliminated chemical and hormonal imbalances, you’re ready to listen to their messages to learn what to do.

You’ll find there is a REAL cause of these messages and it comes from relationships. Yes, we are back where we started. Life is all about your relationships past, present and future with yourself, God and people.

If you’ve ever felt stuck, frozen with fear or overwhelmed….if you suffer from procrastination or perfectionism that keeps you from achieving your goals and your dreams, you’ll want to discover this cause.

If you’ve ever wondered if you are good enough, deserving, or worthy, you’ll want to know how relationships can help you overcome.

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